Day 5 – Unplanned Zero in Lordsburg

April 26, 0 miles / 45.6 total hiked

Keith’s thoughts:

Gina is doing better today, although when I tested the waters that we could probably find a ride back down to highway 9 today she just gave me her “don’t you ask me to skip a zero” look. So the plan is to ride back down to highway 9 / water cache 3 with the CDTC folks doing a water run tomorrow.

These are the same folks, Radar and Peru, that picked us up after Gina got to the point of needing an unplanned pitstop yesterday.

I can’t say enough about the people and community of this trail. Lisa, who runs the Econolodge we are at, is amazing. She embraces the hiker community and gives exactly the support we need to make his journey possible.

Thru hikers have to be the most unprofitable clientele for a hotel… We stink, eat a lot at the included breakfast, and probably scare more civilized clientele away. We loiter in the common area basking in the amazing thing called “air conditioning”.

Lastly, you know someone is really dedicated when they will take a biohazard bag of your hiking clothes and wash them for you.

While she is dealing with biohazard waste, her husband Ray is often out ferrying people around as we thru hikers ironically hate to walk a few miles in town.

Meanwhile Radar and Peru live at the hotel for several weeks at the season start so they can coordinate the shuttle runs down to the border and keep the water caches filled. It is an amazing operation to support the 300-400 people crazy enough to do this hike.

Thank you Lisa, Ray, Radar, and Peru for all you do!

Peak of the day: Air conditioning, a big waffle, pizza, (and of course Gina feeling better)

Valley of the day: Doing zero miles

One Comment on “Day 5 – Unplanned Zero in Lordsburg

  1. woo hoo looks like you are back on the trail 🙂 sending good vibes your way!