Day 6 – Slowly But Surely…

April 27, 15.9 miles / 61.5 total hiked

Gina’s thoughts:

Today, I felt a little more like a hiker. Whew – this past week has been a blur. We have met so many nice folks which is a true blessing. Radar and Peru dropped us off at water cache 3 which is where we got picked up on Wednesday morning. (No miles missed – Keith would NOT let that happen.) 😉. The day started out as overcast which was very nice. I love clouds! We just started slow and put one foot in front of the other.

Keith has been very patient – a great hiking partner. Me, on the other hand, stinks as one. (I’m sure he has wanted to trade me in several times by now.). But he has seen me in the past so he knows I can do this. He did make a comment, though, that “Polar bears don’t do well at the equator.” Hmm… think he was referring to ME??? Nah…

We hiked like 7 or 8 miles before taking a break under a tree. All I have been wanting to do when we stop is to try and take a nap, but it is not that easy. Flies and bees buzzing around, sometimes cows are nearby just staring at you, rocks to avoid sitting on, etc. But I have to at least give it a try, right? 😴 At least we are off our feet. (Yay!).

After our break, we hiked another 5 miles or so until we came upon a dome tent set up by trail angel “Apple”. Can you believe he lives in Ohio, 10 minutes from us?! He also does trail maintenance on the Loveland Bike Trail. He is retired and has been a trail angel for like 10 years or so, if I remember correctly. We had just got back on the trail in the morning, and I didn’t feel qualified to receive any trail magic, but we did. Apple is an awesome person. One day, Keith and I hope to pay it forward and be trail angels ourselves. 😇😇

Peak of the day: Meeting a trail angel/neighbor from Ohio!

Valley of the day: Still not feeling 100%, but starting to come around.