Day 8 – Walking into Lordsburg

April 29, 7.4 miles / 84.9 total hiked

Gina’s thoughts:

We woke up today around 6:00 AM.  It’s town day!!!  Mind you, it is the same exact town as we stayed at last Saturday and then again on Wednesday and Thursday nights, but this time, we HIKED here – and not hitched!!!  Woohoo!!!  It only took 7.4 miles to get here on foot, but after we arrived, and walked into the Econolodge front door, once again, I got teary-eyed.  This was a very big deal to me!  We hiked 85 miles in the past week to get here.  It’s not our usual PCT mileage, but I’ll take it!  After day 1, having thoughts that I could not even share with Keith (like wanting to stop, go home, call it quits), then arriving 1 week later, I was relieved that we made it thru somehow.

We went to McDonald’s and met a couple who is starting TODAY.  They are going Southbound then catching the shuttle back to Lordsburg.  They have to do it this way because the shuttles are all booked.  When Keith and I arrived at the hotel last Saturday, we met a few guys who just hiked in. I really wanted to be that couple – and now – we are!

Peak of the day:  Finally arriving at Lordsburg the way we planned – on foot. 

Valley of the day:  Not being able to sleep in tomorrow due to the heat.  It’s gonna be another hot one, so we have to hike out early.