Day 9 – Finally North of Lordsburg

April 30, 18.3 miles / 103.0 total hiked

Keith’s thoughts:

There be trees in them there hills.

At around mile 100 the trail makes a radical transformation from pure flat desert to big hills/little mountains. With that terrain change comes, wait for it… Trees!

Yes, real honest trees. Something taller than me. Something without a spike laden defense system. Something you can actually get underneath to seek refuge from the sun. Something wonderful that you can’t fully appreciate until you suffer through those days in the bootheel.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… We still have about 15 miles of hot, shadeless hiking to get to the foot of the mountains that will be our home for the next several days.

After a nice sunrise and big breakfast at the Econolodge (Gina even ate this time), we loaded up on water and started the second segment to Silver City.

If only these could be scattered along the trail

After a couple miles hiking along the road out of Lordsburg we turned and headed across the slopes leading to the mountains we would be crossing on the way to Silver City.

Dinner with trees and cows
Our water source for the next 10 miles… It even comes with free algae salad!

Peak of the day: Trees!

Valley of the day: No more nice clean water caches