Day 10 – Rag in the Tailpipe

May 1, 13.5 miles / 116.5 total hiked

Gina’s thoughts

Thank goodness for headphones, music, audiobooks, and podcasts.  They truly help pass the time while hiking mile after mile, all day long.  We have started listening to a podcast at the same time:  “Missing Maura Murray”.  It is a true story of a 21 year old young woman who crashed her car on February 9, 2004 in New Hampshire, spoke briefly to a passerby, who she told to not call the police and that she had already called AAA, and then disappeared shortly after. She has never been seen since. Anyway, in the podcast, they kept saying over and over and over again, “rag in the tailpipe”. Her older car was having issues so her father told her to put a “rag in the tailpipe”. So that’s what I have been hearing all day long. 🚙

Today has been a little overcast which is very nice.

We still see bones scattered everywhere – such a harsh, dry environment. 🌵🌵🐍🦎

We have seen so many more people today! We met Bud and his wife, Fret. A young gal named, Katie, a guy named Mac, another guy named B-Dub and a few other folks that I did not get their name. We all gathered around the water source. Anyone want a nice, fresh drink of water?? 😎

Peak of the day: Having an appetite back and eating nice, hot dinners (a zip lock bag/mixture of Ramen, chicken stovetop stuffing, and loaded instant mashed potatoes). Yum!

Valley of the day: Sweating like there’s no tomorrow. Lol

One Comment on “Day 10 – Rag in the Tailpipe

  1. SO glad you are feeling better!! I was very worried about you. Gina, you are one tough lady : )

    Dan and I just hiked from the I-10 to Big Bear. Hot, hot, hot, which made me sick, sick, sick. Getting up in the cooler elevation was a relief! I can’t imagine hiking in the temps to which you were exposed.

    Keep getting stronger. You’ve got this!