Day 12 – Arriving in Silver City (Yay!)

May 3, 16.0 miles / 142.6 total hiked

We got up early at around 5:30 AM, but it’s TOWN DAY, so I did not mind too much. Last night, we had to back track less than a mile so we were not camping on private property. (Ugh – I hate back-tracking.) We knew we had about a 4 mile hike on a dirt road before reaching highway 90. We would walk on that asphalt road for about 12 miles into town.

Looooooong road walk into town…
Eat beef!

Listening to podcasts helped pass the time, as always. We did pass by a weird home address with old toilets lined along the driveway.

Outdoor decor 🚽

As we got closer to town, Keith called his Mom and had a nice chat.

Hi, Mom!

We arrived at the Palace Hotel front desk by noon. Not bad for a 16 mile hike day. The hotel was built in 1882. It is so cool! I love it! Antiques everywhere and different shapes and sizes of mirrors hung all over the walls. Our room is so “cozy” which means VERY TEENY TINY – but again – I LOVE it.

Palace Hotel – Built in 1882

First things first, after checking in – SHOWERS. My back is a little tender from the salty sweat and shirt rubbing against it. The water pressure isn’t great, but it’s wet and there’s soap. Ahhhh – to get all squeaky clean again. Feels awesome!

Next task is laundry, so we put on whatever clean clothes we do have and walked a few blocks away to do that. The wi-fi there ROCKS!!! We even got caught up on watching an episode of Survivor.

Laundry day!

After laundry, FOOD!!! We ate at a little pub across the street from our hotel. It hit the spot. We then relaxed in our room for a bit before heading to the grocery store to get a few resupplies. We ended the evening in the common area playing rummy and once again, eating. 😉


Peak of the day: Arriving in Silver City for a ZERO and not having to move for almost 48 hours.

Valley of the day: Keith getting stressed out about fire restrictions on trail and what stove to use – if any. 😞