Day 13 – Zero in Silver City

May 4, 0 miles / 142.6 total hiked

Gina really wanted to take a zero today and since it will be about 250 miles before our next planned town stop in Grants, it seemed like a good opportunity to do so.

We are staying at the Palace hotel, which Gina describes as quaint and full of character (i.e. old, small, uneven creaky floors, minimal amenities, and requiring a certain mindset to overlook what would be completely unacceptable issues at a typical hotel). For example both the hot and cold water faucets deliver hot water, the mattress may be the original from 1882, and I have to duck when going down the stairs. That said, it is always interesting to see how much an old structure had been updated though the years.

The common sitting area has a large skylight in it, probably because it is in the middle of the building and it was built before electric lighting became popular.

The hallways are just a bit wider than my sleeping pad.

All that said it is nice to give the feet a break, even though mine have held up better over this first week than on any previous hike.

We finished most of the town chores like eating, doing laundry (while watching the latest Survivor episode), eating some more, getting food for the next leg, eating some more, and sleeping yesterday so we can hit the trail right after breakfast tomorrow.

Keith’s food for the next 3 days… I eat so bad while on the trail vs real life

Tomorrow we start the Gila alternate. It should probably be the official trail as almost everyone does this route vs the official route, especially this year since the official route will have a closure for a controlled fire burn.

The Gila is a highlight of the trail… We will hike up the river through canyons and cliffs for several days while fording the river more than 250 times.

It may be awhile before our next blog post as I don’t know when or what kind of internet or cell service we will have until we get to Grants.

Peak of the day: Sleeping in, eating, sleeping, eating, …

Valley of the day: Fighting with word press to make these blog updates… Way too much like work

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  1. I’m so happy to hear you are feeling well, even though Keith is having an issue. Thanks for sharing your journey! And guess what? Scott has agreed to 2020- I know you know what I mean!!! I’ll keep praying for you two.