Day 14 – Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 0 miles / 142.6 total hiked

Today, we are still resting in Silver City. We were planning on hiking out early this morning, but Keith had a shin splint flare up, so we decided to stay an extra night. He has been off his feet, taking Advil, and icing it. It may have been due to the 12 mile asphalt road walk that irritated it. Weird how the first week it was me that wasn’t feeling 100%, and now it’s Keith. 😉 Anyway, I love staying here so he did not have to ask me twice.

We are just taking it easy today which is so nice. I *really* think we both needed this today. After we got done eating breakfast here at the hotel at 9:30 AM, I took a nice nap until 1:30 PM which felt great. When I woke up, Keith said, “I’m bored.” Sigh… He had been sitting in the common area for 3 hours working on… are you ready for this?? A spreadsheet. He’s so silly.

Anyway, I’m trying to psych myself up for the next batch of miles we will be tackling. The next stop will be Doc Campbell’s Post which is like 45 miles away. We hope to get there by Tuesday before they close at 4:00 PM. We have a package waiting for us there. Oh and they have homemade ice-cream. 🍦😄👍🏼

Peak of the day:  Having another zero. 

Valley of the day:  Keith having aches and pains now.