Day 16 – Passed By Doug the Hermit’s Place

May 7, 13.6 miles / 172 total hiked

For about 20 years, there has been a guy who has lived on the CDT who only comes out once per year for groceries, supplies, etc. His name is Doug and he says he is a Catholic Hermit. We passed by the area where he lives this morning, but we did not see him. He is a fascinating guy apparently and the rumor is he loves to chat. He set up a “Regist-tree”/mailbox where CDT hikers can sign the registry and let him know what city, state, or country they are from. Later that day, a hiker passed by us (when we were taking a snack break) and he says that he just left Doug the Hermit’s place and that he stayed all night with him. Doug loves to share his experiences with hikers. If you Google “Doug the hermit cdt” you will find blog posts that share more information and photos of him.

Anyway, today I felt really out of whack, as usual. After only a few miles hiked, I needed to rest. After resting about an hour, we continued hiking for another mile (about 20 minutes or so), then I really needed to take another break/nap. I think it’s the food that I packed this time and I am not interested in eating it. And if you don’t eat, you have no fuel or energy to move which makes you weak. Ugh… it’s a vicious cycle. Today, I think Keith was ready to trade me in for another hiking partner. He has been feeling great since we started on Day 1, which I am grateful for, because he is the one who usually has all kinds of issues. On the shuttle that dropped us off at the border, we rode with Skeeter and MacGyver and we keep seeing their names signed in on the registry’s and they are like a week ahead of us – which makes me feel even more inadequate. 🙁 They are in their 30’s, so maybe the age difference applies, but you never know. But it is HYOH (Hike Your Own Hike) and we are all doing our very best to reach Canada. Just one mile at a time… one foot in front of the other… slowly but surely.

Keith searching the horizon for a new hiking partner

After having a blah morning, taking a few naps, I was able to perk up, pick up the pace a bit, and we were able to hike some miles in the afternoon. It did help that it was mostly downhill. 😉

Peak of the day: Signing the registry at Doug the Hermit’s and seeing the landscape where he has lived for over 20 years.

Valley of the day: Letting Keith down by not being able to make the miles like he wants.